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Help is always needed and always greatly appreciated. We are a small parish and our yearly festival provides a major portion of our yearly income.

We welcome new and past helpers from our own parish, volunteers from surrounding parishes and communities, and those who will be visiting our area and are able to donate some of their time.

Because our festival is a major undertaking, much help is needed on the festival days. Volunteers are also needed for preparation work, which usually begins in early March, and cleanup work, which will continue past the festival to the end of August. We need help with building and grounds repairs and maintenance, painting, cleaning, construction of temporary structures, food preparation, transportation of supplies, etc. Any help that can be offered will be accepted and greatly appreciated.

Please keep in mind that volunteers are also needed for other fund raising and parish maintenance projects throughout the year.

Please complete the form below, including your contact information, so we can inform you of any upcoming meetings and work sessions that you may be interested in.

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